A downloadable QuietTanks for Windows

you must place bombs in strategic locations and shot from hidden places to defeat your enemy! (You can hide in the water)

This game is a test with some flaws, appreciate any comments to help improve.

Install instructions

Game instructions

Each player may:

move with A, W, S, D (Player 1) / Arrow keys (Player 2) keys

Rotate your turret with G, J (player 1) / number keys 4, 6 (Player 2) keys.

Shoot with the Y key (player 1) / number 8 key (Player 2). This action will require a reload time

(A red or green rectangles on the HUD shows when you can shoot).

Use 3 pumps with the U key (player 1) / number 9 key (Player 2).

The orange rectangles indicate how many bombs HUD's in the bedroom.

Use a smokescreen with T (Player 1) / number 7 key (player 2) key.

This action can only be performed once per game. It is represented by a yellow rectangles on the HUD.

Green rectangles indicate how much HUD life you have left.

try to play stealthily!!


quietTanks.rar 47 MB

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